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Welcome to La Rochelle !

La Rochelle is a city on the Atlantic coast which welcomes lots of foreign students from different backgrounds every year.

In La Rochelle University, we welcome 12% of foreign students and we partner with 87 universities around the globe.

La Rochelle University is at a walking distance from the city center and provides its students with the best services on campus: accomodation, sports halls, food shops and bars, etc.* The lively historical city center, the old port, the marina and the neighbouring islands (Oléron, Aix, Ré) are popular destinations renowned worldwide.
* Foreign students can benefit from various scholarships

Our « DUT Biological Engineering » is a two to three-year technical degree aimed at training future technicians and biomedical engineers capable of developing biological, chemical and microbiological technologies, carrying out analyses and creating new products.

Two options are available in this program:

  • Biological and Biochemical Analyses (ABB)
  • Food Engineering (IAB)

Business areas:
Both options of the curriculum will enable you to work for laboratories, industries and businesses dealing with biological and chemical analyses, research and development areas.


Any job in the field of food industry, pharmaceutics (i.e technician, sales representative, researcher, etc.).

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Our « DUT Civil Engineering – Sustainable Construction » is a two to three-year technical degree aimed at training versatile, high-skilled technicians in civil engineering for construction and public works. After completing this curriculum, students are qualified to work on:

  • The conception and construction of buildings (housing, industry, business, etc.)
    The conception and execution of large infrastructures and collective equipments (roads, bridges, dams, etc.)
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable projects (sustainable wood construction)

Business areas:
This curriculum will enable you to work in / with:

  • Lab test and research laboratories
  • Project owners and managers
  • Technical services (universities, public institutions, businesses, etc.)
  • Architectural firms, design consultants, etc.


  • Site supervisor
  • Site manager
  • Senior laboratory technician
  • Draughtsman
  • Sales engineer
  • CEO / Business executive

Our « DUT Computer Science » is a two to threeyear technical degree aimed at training computer scientists capable of taking part in the conception and execution of IT solutions for computer users.
Students learn about computer science applied to business solutions, connected objects, web applications, networks, databases, « Interactive Intelligent Environments » (e.i smart campuses), cybersecurity, etc. This program encompasses various fields while proposing a global teaching of computer sciences.

Business areas:

This curriculum will enable you to work for:

  • IT companies (factories manufacturing electronic components, web development, etc.)
  • Technical departments
  • Network administration services
  • Research labs


  • Web Designer-Developer
  • Programmer analyst
  • Networks and data system administrator
  • IT equipment manager
  • Computing projects manager / assistant
  • Expert advisor
  • Sales representative

Our « DUT Networks & Telecommunications » is a two to three-year technical degree aimed at training future technicians and engineers capable of managing and securing networks (network administration and automation) as well as choosing, setting up and maintaining systems of telecommunications in public and private institutions and businesses.

Business areas:

This curriculum will enable you to work for / with:

  • IT and network companies
  • Telecom operators and Internet service providers
  • Companies / Administrations having information and communication issues (banks, insurances, etc.)
  • Telephone network technicians
  • Research labs
  • Engineering companies
  • Software firms (SSII)


  • System / Network administrator
  • Operations manager
  • Security expert
  • Network and communication systems architect
  • Software maintenance

Courses in English for Exchange students (might be subject to availability)

Economics of digitilisation 2 ECTS Autumn semester
Webmarketing 3 ECTS Autumn semester
Media Studies 1.5 ECTS Spring semester
Logistics 2 ECTS Autumn semester
Export Strategy 1.5 ECTS Spring semester
Negotiation 2 ECTS Autumn semester
Corporate Communication Workshop 2 ECTS Spring semester
Greenhathon (digital ethics) 2 ECTS Mid January

Greenhathon’s aims: To raise awareness about sustainable, ethical and inclusive digitalization with the INR (French Digital Ethics Institute). Target: graduate and undergraduate students in IT and e marketing. Teamwork (teams of 8 students), time constraint (24h including nighttime). Assessment: vivas (5 min long). Professionals in digitalization will be members of the jury for the vivas. Awards ceremony.

Open to virtual mobility (Conexus)

Our « DUT Marketing Techniques » is a two to three-year technical degree aimed at training sales representatives and entrepreneurs capable of adapting quickly to any business environment (finance, commerce, marketing, etc.). Students will acquire solid marketing skills as well as a strong business culture. This curriculum is also available in an « Année Spéciale » (one year accelerated course).

Programme: 1st semester

Marketing 4 ECTS
Economics 4 ECTS
Law 4 ECTS
Market Survey Techniques 4 ECTS
Business Communication 4 ECTS
Business English 4 ECTS
Negotiation 4 ECTS
Accounting 4 ECTS
Statistics (Maths) 4 ECTS
International trade 4 ECTS
French (Foreign Language) 3 ECTS


Programme: 2nd semester

Export Strategy (in English) 1 ECTS
Statistics (Maths) 2 ECTS
Expression Communication & Culture 2 ECTS
Business English 2 ECTS
Accounting and management 2 ECTS
Law (Labour and business law) 4 ECTS
Marketing (e-marketing, point of sales, operational, direct & customer relationships) 8 ECTS
Entrepreneurship 2 ECTS
Sales negotiation 2 ECTS
Sales team 2 ECTS
Management 2 ECTS
Project and project management 8 ECTS
French (Foreign Language) 3 ECTS


Business areas:

This curriculum will enable you to work for / in :

  • Commercial services
  • Banks and insurances
  • Distribution, communication and marketing agencies
  • Tourism and entertainment industries
  • Event planning and communication
  • International commerce
  • E-commerce and web marketing, etc.


  • Client advisor
  • Marketing manager or assistant
  • Sales representative
  • Department or store manager
  • Product manager
  • Communications officer
  • Sales manager
  • Export manager…
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