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International Students

Un ou deux semestres

Programmes d’échange disponibles :

un semestre de septembre à mi janvier 30 ECTS

ou un semestre de mi-janvier à juin 30 ECTS

ou deux semestres avec un stage d’avril à juin 60 ECTS

+ cours de Français Langue Etrangère 6 ECTS

Évaluation Continue.

Soutenances pour les projets et stage.


Curriculum for one semester or full-year

You can decide to study for:

one semester from September to mid January 30 ECTS

or one semester from mid January to June 30 ECTS

or the full year with a work placement from April to June 60 ECTS

as well as French as a Foreign language 6 ECTS

Assessment :

Tests and exams.

Vivas for the projects and work placement.



Enseignement en petits groupes : 28 étudiants maximum.

Les cours sont donnés en français, des cours de langue en français peuvent être suivis. (certifications possibles)

Autonomie : projets variés, soit individuels soit en équipe : réaliser un logiciel, ou un site web pour une association, une entreprise par exemple.



A small group: 28 students maximum.

Students are about 20 years old.

Lectures are given in French. You can additionally follow French language courses (passing certifications is possible)

Autonomy: projects: various, either on your own or within a team of 3-4 students, where you shall be in charge of software or web projects for a company or an association

Programme : 1er semestre – Semester 1 (September-January)

M1101 Introduction to computer systems 3.5 ECTS

M1102 Introduction to algorithms and programming   3.5 ECTS

M1103 Data structures and fundamental algorithms 2.5 ECTS

M1104 Introduction to databases 3.5 ECTS

M1105 Design of documents and digital interfaces 2.5 ECTS

M1106 Tutored project – Discovery 1.5 ECTS

M1201 Discrete mathematics 2.5 ECTS

M1202 Linear algebra 2.0 ECTS

M1203 Economic environment 1.5 ECTS

M1204 Functioning of organisations 2.5 ECTS

M1205 Expression-Communication – Fundamentals of communication 2.0 ECTS

M1206 English and Computing 1.5 ECTS

M1207 PPP - Understanding the professional world 1.0 ECTS


Programme : 2ème semestre – Semester 2 (January-June)

M2101 Architecture and programming of the basic mechanisms of a computer system 1.5 ECTS

M2102 Network architecture 1.5 ECTS

M2103 Basis of object-oriented programming 3.5 ECTS

M2104 Basis of object-oriented design 2.5 ECTS

M2105 Introduction to graphical user interfaces (GUI) 2.5 ECTS

M2106 Database programming and administration. 2.5 ECTS

M2107 Tutored project – Project description and planning 2.0 ECTS

M2201 Graphs and languages 2.5 ECTS

M2202 Analysis and digital methods 2.0 ECTS

M2203 Accounting, financial, legal and social environment 3.0 ECTS

M2204 Computer project management 1.5 ECTS

M2205 Expression-Communication – Communication, information and debate 1.5 ECTS

M2206 Communicating in English 2.5 ECTS

M2207 PPP – Identifying one’s skills 1.0 ECTS


Programme : 3ème semestre – Semester 3 (September-January)

Please note: some courses are prerequisites for the study tracks to be chosen in semester 4 (see semester 4)

M3101 Principles of operating systems 2.5 ECTS
M3102 Network services 1.5 ECTS
M3103 Advanced algorithms 1.5 ECTS
M3104 Server side web programming 2.5 ECTS
M3105 Advanced object design and programming 2.5 ECTS
M3106C: either « Advanced databases (prerequisite for GI and ID track) » or « Embedded architectures (prerequisite for IE track) » 1.5 ECTS

M3201 Probabilities and statistics 2.5 ECTS
M3202C: either « Network Programming (prerequisite for GI track) » or « Mathematical modelling (prerequisite for ID track) » 1.5 ECTS
M3203 Law to do with information and communication technologies (ICT) 1.5 ECTS
M3204 Management of information systems 2.5 ECTS
M3205 Expression-Communication – Professional communication 1.5 ECTS
M3206 Collaborating in English 2.5 ECTS

M3301 Methodology for the production of applications 3.0 ECTS
M3302 Tutored project – Experience of a professional situation 2.0 ECTS
M3303 PPP – Clarifying ones project 1.0 ECTS




Programme : 4ème semestre – Semester 4 (January-June)

You must pick 1 of 3 tracks with associated course packages: Software Engineering (GI), Web and Application Development (ID) or Embedded systems (IE). Courses occur from mid January to April, followed by a full time work placement of 10 weeks, from April to June (12 ECTS).

M4101C for GI: Programming Enterprise Applications 1.5 ECTS
M4102C for GI: DevOps 1.5 ECTS
M4103C for GI: Business Process Discovery 1.5 ECTS
M4104C for GI: SOA 1.5 ECTS
M4105C for GI: Web- and Mobile-Programming, Rich Client 1.5 ECTS
M4106 for GI: Tutored project – Additional elements 2.5 ECTS
M4201C for GI: Business Intelligence 2.0 ECTS
M4202C for GI: Mathematics for Engineering schools 2.0 ECTS


M4101C for ID: Systems and Network administration 1.5 ECTS
M4102C for ID: Distributed Programming 1.5 ECTS
M4103C for ID: Web-Programming, Rich Client 1.5 ECTS
M4104C for ID: Design and development of mobile applications 1.5 ECTS
M4105C for ID: Additional computing with a view to immediate employment 1.5 ECTS
M4106 Tutored project – Additional elements 2.5 ECTS
M4201C Enterprise creation workshops 2.0 ECTS
M4202C Operational and decision support research 2.0 ECTS



M4101C for IE: Network for connected devices 1.5 ECTS
M4102C for IE: Pilots for Drivers 1.5 ECTS
M4103C for IE: Native Mobile Programming 1.5 ECTS
M4104C for IE: Signal Processing 1.5 ECTS
M4105C for IE: Embedded Operating Systems 1.5 ECTS
M4106 Tutored project – Additional elements 2.5 ECTS
M4201C Enterprise creation workshops 2.0 ECTS
M4202C Operational and decision support research 2.0 ECTS


For all:

M4203 Expression-communication – Communicating in organisations 2.0 ECTS
M4204 Working in English 2.0 ECTS
M4301 Work placement 12.0 ECTS